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Special Heat and Cold Therapy

Other than acupuncture, superficial cold and heat therapy is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for the unbearable pain of the joints and muscles. Sometimes minor injuries if not taken proper care can escalate into a major injury. For this you need to take utmost care of it. Hence we have come with a unique way of dealing with the muscle and joint pain which is superficial heat and cold therapy.

  • What is Superficial Cold & Heat Therapy?
  • How Heat Therapy Works?
  • How Cold Therapy Works?

Superficial cold and heat therapy as the name suggests is the use of heat and cold, depending on the condition of the pain or wound or injury. They are the most common type of non invasive and non addictive therapies. If you are hurt just recently then ice therapy will be suitable for healing as ice prevents inflammation and reduces the swelling. If the wound is recurring then it can be cured with heat therapy which brings the blood to the appropriate area and promotes healing.

In heat therapy the blood flow of the body increases as the blood vessels are being opened by heat. This heat supplies oxygen and the essential nutrients to reduce the muscle and joint pain, thus relaxing the muscles, tendons and the ligaments. This is best for people who are having back spasm as the warmth generated by the heat decreases the muscle spasm. The superficial heat therapy improves the overall flexibility of the ligaments and tendons and reduces the pain. Sources of heat can be dry or moist. Dry source of heat dries the skin while moist heat gives moisture to the skin which helps it to penetrate better. You should apply heat therapy if you have stiff joint pain or chronic muscle pain.

Cold therapy reduces the pain and swelling as cold helps in slowing down the blood flow to the injury. Due to the slowing down of circulation inflammation lessens spasm reduces therby reducing the pain. Cold therapy is applied by an ice cube or gel. A cold therapy should be used 24 hours or 28 hours after the injury. People who run a lot or are into various types of sport can use this therapy as it is the best for sprains, bruises, swelling, etc that has occurred due to an accident or by lifting some heavy equipments during exercising. While applying ice pack it should be wrapped in a thin towel.

What The Practitioners Have to Say About Superficial Heat & Cold Therapy?

The practitioners believe that the superficial heat and cold therapy is the most effective method to be used on the patients as it gives instant relief. Hence if you are down with some really bad bruises do not hesitate to try this therapy.