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ashrafi baker
ashrafi baker
05:44 04 Oct 19
I got relieved from sever sciatica pain I was on bed for almost 10 months. life was measurable now I am 90% fine with in 15 days. thank you Santosh Sir for helping meread more
Priti Sapru
Priti Sapru
11:32 02 Oct 19
I have a very good experience with Shenmen Healing Center got all the natural treatments for my health and beuty. Being from film industry you need your best health and fitness and I would say here you will be getting everything in your favour in natural ways. Thanks team Shenmen for making my comeback in movies againread more
Maqsood Khan
Maqsood Khan
12:54 20 Sep 19
I was advised to go for spinal surgery because it was very difficult walking and too much pain. My son found Shenmen Healing on Google and we came here and within 30 days my life changed now I am able to walk even 5 km without any pain. I thank entire team Shenmen for there support and healing handsread more
Sanndy Zodge
Sanndy Zodge
12:47 10 Sep 19
I have got wonderful results in my all my blood parameters like cholesterol, triglycerides getting good sleep and vitality increased. Team Shenmen is superb they are more
axel albert
axel albert
05:36 06 Sep 19
Very nice experience. They are very professional in handling all queries and takes time to explain and are attentive to details and after t one session only i could feel the difference and felt much better. Thank you Dr Harshika and more
Sheela Dhanjani
Sheela Dhanjani
05:39 31 Aug 19
The best center rather would say most advance center having everything under one roof right from Hydrogen, oxygen, colon hydro and wonder full acupuncture treatment. I have got benefited for hair fall cervical spondilitis and top of the world lost good 8 kgs within 45 days. I am extremely happy with the services they provided. Thank you Shenmen healing keep going growing and healingread more
Bihag Mehta
Bihag Mehta
17:29 29 Aug 19
Shemen is one stop shop for everything being a science professor I can understand that since I personally know Santosh from almost 15 years and the way he healed me and my family is incredible. He is the best and can give any type of results. God bless you and your teamread more
Dilip Kadam
Dilip Kadam
10:27 22 Aug 19
The best centre for any health ailments I got cured here for my liver issues, gas and acidity. Now I am 100% fine. Thank you Santosh Sirread more
ritesh kaul
ritesh kaul
15:15 16 Aug 19
It’s a wonderful fabulous experience coming to this healing centre.Has solved my sinus and snoring issues by almost 80 percent ! And very affordable prices compared to the number of sessions given by them. Mostly the progress is minutely measured by them and steps taken to ensure complete recovery . Feeling so much better after all these years !! Fully recommend this place to all !! Kudos for the wonderful work !!read more
Rushabh Turakhia
Rushabh Turakhia
21:16 02 Aug 19
Absolute cheaters. The assistant doctor didn't even diagnose properly and charged 1000 rupees as consultation fees. They have hired doctors who do a basic diagnosis and prescribe the same treatments to different patients. Avoid this place at all costs, it's a complete more
Karan Sethi
Karan Sethi
15:34 08 Jul 19
My sever sinusitis got 50% fine my treatment not yet completed. I am thankful to Shenmen healing really very happy with progress. My life is backread more
Priyata Dixit
Priyata Dixit
15:28 30 Jan 19
Dr. Santosh has treated my cervical issue and I must say, is extremely blessed with magic at what he does. I am very choosy with doctors and once I visited Shenmen i wouldn't go anywhere else. My man to go to in case of any health issues I have !! you need to visit him once if you are someone who wants to avoid medicines!read more
Tanmay Shah
Tanmay Shah
06:07 21 Jan 19
Dr. Pandey is a true inspiration for me. I had known of his success stories from amongst my family members directly, and now finally have experienced it myself. He completely cured a severe neck pain through a couple of sessions of acupuncture and more importantly through his own positivity and upbeat personality that can make everyone around him feel better. I highly recommend Shenmen!read more
Beena Kohli
Beena Kohli
05:35 18 Jan 19
My hair fall was very bad from a year I tried lots of treatments but nothing worked I did almost all modes of treatments it was just waste of money. I was going through hell being a girl you love your looks and without hair you look horrible some how I came at Shenmen met Jasmine Mam she gave me program of HBOT, HHO, Colon Hydrotherapy and acupuncture it was looking very costly. But I decided to go under treatment after 20 sessions I felt good relief and now after 40 days of the treatment it look like there was no problem only. Thank you Dear Doc I loved all your support and your team is superbread more
Devesh Dodwani
Devesh Dodwani
04:40 23 Dec 18
Shenmen Healing is place for miracles you see so many happy faces over here after there positive results. Here I am seeing patients are convincing with great convictions. You feel like coming here meeting people working here. Thanks team Shenmen n Santosh Sir for Healing my chronic frozen Shoulderread more
Anmol Ghodke
Anmol Ghodke
04:33 23 Dec 18
My friend recommended me to visit Shenmen Healing Center for my hair fall treatment it was really very disturbing for me I was gone through so many treatments so many medications but nothing worked but I am thankful to my friend he really become saviour for me because I really love my hair n very possessive about it. After 20 sessions of treatments now m feeling much better HBOT treatment along acupuncture very effective. Thank you Jasmine Mam for for your advice n treatments. It’s good for allread more
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Hydrogen Therapy (HHO)

Hydrogen Therapy (HHO) is a preventive and therapeutic medical gas for various acute and chronic diseases because of its antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective properties that are beneficial to the cell.


The hydrogen inhalation procedure is carried out by inhaling hydrogen gas (HHO ) through a medical cannula or mask connected to a hydrogen generator. This generator produces high concentration of HHO by electrolyzing pure water to produce hydrogen gas (HHO ) mixed with oxygen (O2). Most of these HHO inhalers keep the hydrogen concentration under 4 % where pure hydrogen gas of 67% is generated with 33% oxygen. Each hour spent on inhaling HHO gas flushes our body with trillions of hydrogen ions.


  • Hydrogen is poorly soluble in water, and therefore most of it comes out in gaseous form into the air, thus, by inhalation it is possible to obtain a large concentration of hydrogen over a short period of time.
  • The inhalation of hydrogen( HHO) allows the body to get a large amount of hydrogen. It is better absorbed by the brain, nervous system, circulatory system and lung. The inhalation of gaseous 2% hydrogen( HHO) for 60 minutes is equivalent to the use of 900 liters of hydrogen water (concentration @ 670,000 ppm).
  • For inhalation below 4% is safe, because it is below the level of flammability.
  • It is extremely unique as it has the capability to act at the cellular level.
  • It can cross the blood brain barrier, enter the mitochondria and even translocate to the nucleus.
  • It is an effective molecule to neutralize the toxic radicals in the body.
  • It reduces the oxidative stress in various disorders and organ systems including the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • It negates the toxicity of oxygen.
  • It is an ideal antioxidant molecule due to its small size. It does reconstruction work in places where other antioxidants cannot reach due to their large size.
  • It stimulates energy metabolism as measured by oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production.
  • It elevates oral medicine to the level of intra-venous medicine because of quick absorption and dispersion deep into the cells.
  • Excellent for detoxification, due to its high permeability and solubility.
  • Induces a state of DEEP SLEEP.


  • Alkalizes the body
  • Boosts skin health and fights aging and restoration of youth.
  • Strengthening of hair.
  • Combats allergies.
  • Fights autoimmune diseases.
  • Faster sports injury recovery.
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism reducing fatigue and weakness.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Improves peripheral circulation in diabetic gangrene.
  • Prevention and treatment of intestinal disorders (indigestion, constipation, chronic diarrhoea)
  • Prevention of osteoporosis and maintenance of healthy bone density.
  • Protects liver, heart, bladder, gut, kidney, eyes.
  • Reduces neuropathic pain.
  • Enhances wound healing
  • Corrects DNA damage.Enhances wound healing
  • May battle cancerous tumors.
  • Reduces pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Improves mood disorders, depression, anxiety.
  • Protects the brain and prevents cognitive, learning and memory problems.
  • May reduce the side effect of chemotherapy and radiation.

To date, hydrogen inhalations are becoming more widespread and are considered as an alternative or addition to the use of hydrogen water. Both ways perfectly complement each other and help to achieve the maximum result in taking care of your health.