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Hr. Jasmin Khan

Dr.Jasmine is a woman of myriad talents and achievements. She has pursued M.D in Acupuncture, Columbo after graduation, homeopathy. She has been practising for more than 10 years now.

Dr. Jasmine is destined to see many of her endeavors come to fruition in her own lifetime, not only in her chosen discipline of Acupuncture and homeopathy but also in terms of the quality and ethical practice of the science of Acupuncture. She is a master in a unique tradition of healing which is able to treat almost all ailments and diseases and has restored health to thousands of people who were unable to get treated elsewhere. Her technique of diagnosis by touching the pulse can accurately diagnose physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

Her specialties include Woman health, Cosmetic Acupuncture & pain management along with respiratory disorders, diabetes, locomotory disorders, infertility, stroke, neurological conditions and skin conditions. She also has a particular affinity for those “hard to treat” cases; where the patient says they have “tried everything”. Her goal is to provide the highest quality health care and help patients achieve their optimal health and a pain free lifestyle.