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Hr. Jasmin Khan

Hr. Jasmin Khan has pursued M.D in Acupuncture from N.I.A.M.S, Banglore after graduation, C.S.G.M in homeopathy. She is also a Member of Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science, Member of Open International University of Complementary Medicine, Columbo.

She is a passionate practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine her aim has always been to use her skills to change patient’s lives. Her practice involves the many facets of TCM in diagnosis and treatment.She has organised many medical camps in Mumbai and has good experience in treating various ailments .

She has treated vast cases successfully in past few years such as respiratory disorders, diabetes, locomotory disorders, infertility, stroke, neurological and painful conditions and skin conditions through acupuncture,cupping,moxa etc.

She also has a particular affinity for those “hard to treat” cases; where the patient says they have “tried everything”.Her goal is to provide the highest quality health care and help all of our patients achieve their optimal health and a pain free lifestyle.