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Dr. Namrata Rai

Dr. Namrata Rai, a dynamic Homeopath and Bach flower therapist has been practising since 14 years in Mumbai. She completed her B.H.M.S from University of Pune. Healing was always what drove her to learn more kinds of therapies and she did a Diploma in Aromatherapy too.

The innate desire to treat an illness from its root drove her to sharpen her skills in combining Bach flower therapy also famously known as “Flower Remedies” along with Homeopathy for the upliftment of physical and mental health of an individual.

You will feel at ease with her in all aspects, right from the beginning till the end in your travel throughout your treatment journey.

When she takes up a case, she makes it a point to do full justice by putting in non tiring efforts to get the desired relief and free you from your trouble.

She has treated with amazing results ailments concerning Pediatric and Women’s health :

  • Conditions like ADHD, Personality disorders, Low Self-esteem, Bed Wetting, Asthma in children and PCOD, Thyroid disorders, Menopausal depression, Post-partum depression, Alopecia, Pigmentation in Women.
  • Overall increase in immune system and restoring harmony to the mind, Bach flower remedies also allows body’s natural defences to work more easily.
  • Dr Rai intends to collectively bring the principle of Body, Mind and Soul while treating each patient so whether its Cosmetic Issues bothering you? Physical Symptoms troubling you ? or mere Stress management that you are looking for....You can approach her for your challenges !!