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Detox To Clean Dirt From Body (Body Rejuvenation)

Our bodies have not evolved to deal with the growing number of toxins we unknowingly interact with every day. Detoxification systems can easily become overwhelmed, causing toxin overload.

When you hear the word ‘detox,’ you might think drug detox or alcohol detox or wheatgrass enemas. That’s not what we are talking about, The truth is that we are living in a world of toxins and it is not only destroying our body but our brains too.

Detoxification can mean many things to different people, like withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, fasting therapy, colonic therapy and other methods. We believe in the benefit of starting out slowly. We prefer to expand the focus from just “cleanse,” meaning elimination of toxic waste, to cleanse and “renew.” This is the other side of the coin where we nourish the system and encourage regeneration as well as eliminate toxic congestion of the internal organs.

Why Body Detoxing is important?

Many problems of aging are the result of not paying attention to this need to “cleanse.” Modern people eat excessively without a break in the routine unless they get sick. People also are sedentary and frequently don’t get enough exercise. This has the effect of causing a sluggish metabolism. The accumulation of waste in the tissues, a slower cell turnover and congestion perpetuates the cycle of sluggishness.

How Toxins starts affecting your body?

Body may experience diarrhea, sneezing or coughing fits, excessive urination, sore throat, heartburn, nasal congestion or runny nose (from mucus overproduction), or vomiting. Many people notice changes to their body odor or excessively oily skin, as well, since their bodies are acting to purge those toxins through their pores.

In Santosh’s Health Centre we remove harmful toxins from the body and also their effect, promoting health, stronger immunity, weight loss, increased energy, radiant skin, mental clarity, balanced emotions, improved longevity, and improved quality of life.

In our clinic we believe in being us aligned with miracle of science & technology and hence, you always get benefits of latest techniques and treatments for colon and intestine cleansing like 2 to 5 colon hydrogen therapy with 10 to 30 Acupuncture sittings and 10 – 30 HHO (Hydrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen) to rejuvenate patients body, most of our patients feel light and energetic after Detoxing therapy. It removes all the toxins from the body. Our patient’s well being is so important that understanding it and taking it to heart can lead to a complete transformation of their health and personality is our top most priority.

Health Benefits after Detoxing

  • Body feels light, energetic.
  • Pures blood
  • Healthy Hair and Skin.
  • Weight loss.
  • Relief from constipation.
  • Resolved headaches, muscle aches and fatigue.