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Corns in Foot

Corns in foot are annoying and possibly creates a painful condition if not taken care. Corns can appear anywhere where foot friction occurs, whether it is on top of the foot and even on the sole which creates major embarassment and cause discomfort. With certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or connective tissue disease, creates a risk of complications associated with corns and patients should immediately seek medical evaluation

Corns are classified as either hard or soft, depending upon their location and appearance. It is thick and hardened layers of skin caused by friction and pressure. Hard corns typically affect the tops of the toes and are composed of a dense core that presses on sensory nerves, causing extreme pain. Soft corns occur between the toes and are whiter and softer in appearance due to the continuous softening by sweat.

Corn in foot symptoms are

  • Raised bumps surrounded by inflamed skin.
  • Painful when pressed.
  • Common in weight-bearing areas.

In Santosh’s Healthcare Centre we provide 100% beneficial treatments for these types of serious illness. Our Acupuncture specialists resolved many severe cases and treatments like HHO (Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen ) relieves pain and makes the affected skin healthy again. We assure no chemical substance intake, zero surgical procedure, zero invasive process and no side effects to our patients.