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Acupuncture Clinic in Mumbai.

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Shenmen Healing Center - Gateway of Energy - is one stop solution for attaining optimum health. We at Shenmen address the entire spectrum of individual personality along with the physical and psychological aspects, balancing the body, mind, spirit and emotions thereby unburdening everyone from needless conflict and pain and embracing a happy fulfilled life, of good health, peace and happiness. The human body is a vital entity which runs harmoniously in a healthy condition. When there are alterations in the vital principles of the body and imbalance in the five elements, the electromagnetic field around us changes, thus causing the beginning of the diseases in our body. Keeping this in mind, we have adopted an integrated approach amalgamating various traditional and new age therapies to obtain optimal health.

Our Services

HBOT Therapy

Cosmetic & Anti-aging Treatments

Hydrogen Therapy

Alkalizes the body

Colon Hydrotherapy

Helps to detoxify the body

Cryo Therapy

Muscle and bone building


Inserting needles into these points

Cupping Therapy

Mobilize blood flow promote Healing

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Contributing in facial appearance

Point Injection Therapy

Pain, illness and nutritional support

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Most Effective Treatment

With a Touch of Kindness

Friendly Atmosphere

Certified Therapists

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